Vengadores: Infinity War: Thalos desnudo en Instagram

El actor que da vida al personaje Thalos en Vengadores: Infinity War ha publicado recientemente en su cuenta de Instagram una foto desnudo con un pez entre las manos. Y no es una forma de hablar, el actor Josh Brolin, con sus 50 años, ha posado junto a un pescado para apoyar la causa Fish Love ( y proteger a los animales marinos. Con el éxito del actor en su última película esta imagen ha dado mucho de qué hablar. Mirala a continuación: ———- In CANNES selling an idea I had called Lucky #7. It’s a movie about me and a fish. It’s a romance. I don’t see why a man can’t have a relationship with someone other than a woman or a man. I’ve always believed that film is about the spiritual condition, and everything living thing has a spirit. Remember there was ”Free Willy”, and there was “Black Beauty”. This could be the premise for “X-Force”. Maybe it’s a prequel before Cable gets sent to the future, before he comes back from the future into the past which is the present. #7: naked, lucky and in love. Watch Deadpool 2 on May 18 for a better understanding of what I’m bringing down. @deadpoolmovie #theshapeofmyfish #cablenaked #fishlove @cannes_filmfestival #everythinghasaspirit

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